Is It Possible to Have Silicone Implants Placed Lower to Create More of a Teardrop Look Rather Than the High Cleavage Look?

I prefer lower, more natural looking breasts. If possible, I would like the implants placed lower in my chest to avoid the "circle" looking high cleavage breasts. Is it even possible though?

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Look of the implant

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Implant position as well as size can create a lower profile of the breast rather than a high round look.  This varies in due part to the patient’s skin envelope, the position of their inframammary fold, their chest wall as well as type of implant. 

Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Natural appearing breast augmentation

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Implant placement is only 1 of the factors that help contribute to a natural looking breast augmentation. The implant style and size are other factors that contribute to the final results. It is important to have your surgeon choose an implant base diameter that fits your chest wall, as well as an implant that has the forward projection that you desire. All of these factors should be considered for each patient and should be customized to the patient's desire. Finally, the implant should be placed in the middle of the breast mound. That is to say that the implant should be centered behind the nipple.

Natural looking breast augmentation result

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If the implant is the right size, and biodimensional planning is utilized, you can achieve a very natural, but fuller look.  Implants that don't fit the body type tend to result in that round, raised look at the upper pole of the breast.

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Round cohesive I implant + submuscular position + moderate size = natural result

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Thanks for the question.  It is possible to get a great natural looking augmentation result.  That is the goal of many, although not all,  of my patients.  There want amazing looking bresats that everyone wonders if they have implants, but no one knows for sure.  My recommendation is that patients look at cohesive I implants, round, in a submuscular position.  In addition the scar has to be undetectable (many use the inframammary fold) and the implant has to respect the original diameter of your natural breast.  Your plastic surgeon will discuss all of these options with you and together you can achieve the results that you are seeking.  I hope this is helpful information.

Scott Barr, MD
Sudbury Plastic Surgeon

Placement of implant

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The procedure that is performed is a function of your natural anatomy and the goals you envision. Your plastic surgeon should customize the procedure to most closely match your goals as much as possible. It is not uncommon to have to compromise on your goals a bit. 

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Can implants really be placed lower in the breast

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The round look from a breast implant is influenced by the implant size relative to the skin envelope and breast availaable to cover the implant, and the implant profile. The breast is most natural with a lower profile implant, and a volume which will not overly challenge your tissue.

Is It Possible to Have Silicone Implants Placed Lower to Create More of a Teardrop Look?

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The bottom of the implant is placed at the level of your inframammary fold, that is, the crease beneath your breast. Lower than that or higher than that can create a deformity. Sometimes creases can be lowered if there is too short a distance between the nipple and the crease to allow a proper contour.  In any event, if you place the implant beneath the pectoralis muscle, you should not a prominent upper edge or that "circle" appearance.  The other important consideration in achieving a natural look is to not place too large an implant FOR YOUR SKIN ENVELOPE.  If you have tighter skin and you place too large an implant, it will be very bulgy up top and look more "circular" as well.  You can show photos to your surgeon to show them augmented breasts that you like and to make sure they understand your goals.


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