What Silicone Implants are Available in US?

What Silicone Implants Are Available in the Us? Do We Really Have Gummies?? What is Being Used Today? I have read about gummy bear implants! Is this available in the U.S? I have also read about allergan style410 are these available? Where? What is the cohesive gel implant? What are the most popular silicone implants today?

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Silicone implants in US

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We have two companies that provide silicone implants- Allergan and Mentor.  They use silicone impalnts that have  Natrelle from Allergan and Memory gel from Mentor.  These are not gummy type impalnts. The gummy or cohesive gel implants ar enot yet available.

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Silicone Implants

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You may find it very educational to go to the manufacturers websites. Allergan and Mentor are the two in the US. These sites are great resources for patients.  You can also find out what the current warranty is on the implants. The "gummy bear" implant is a cohesive gel. This means that the silicone in the implant stays together should anything happen to the shell of the implant.  Whereas, the saline implants will absorb back into your body should anything happen to their shell. Just to reiterate I really suggest going on to the manufacturers page. Best of Luck!

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Gummy bear implants in the US yet?

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Sadly, after years of waiting, gummy bear implants (AKA form-stable implants, style 410, CPG. etc) are still not available in the United States.  They are available in Europe and in Canada, though.

Currently, the implants in the US are the cohesive gel (aka MemoryGel, responsive gel) - which are more jello-like and semi-solid than the old silicone gel that was used back in the 1970's, but not as solid as the gummy bear material.

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