Silicone Implant Shift Up Higher 4 Years Post-op?

The other day I noticed pain/sensitivity in my left breast. It has been 4 years since my surgery. I noticed the implant shifted aprx. two inches higher than the right. My breast is soft and almost flat feeling towards the nipple which is pointed downwards. the actual implant does not feel hard but just tender. I have done some heavy lifting a couple days ago and am not sure if this could of caused my symptoms. Also, I am currently across the country for the summer,so not close to my PS

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An implant moving up 4 years after breast augmentation is the beginning of a capsular contracture.

You are forming a capsular contracture.  Why this is occurring 4 years after the operation is a mystery to plastic surgeons although there are some new areas of theoretical interest.  Visit your plastic surgeon.

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Implants shifting upward

This is almost always a sign of capsular contracture and will likely not get better on its own. It is not life threatening or an emergency but at some point you will likely need surgical revision.

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Implants shifting up

This oateint most likely has a scar tissue capsule that is contracted pushing the implant up. Most likely the patient would need an inferior capsulotomy to release the breast to drop down.

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Upward Shift Of Silicone Implants 4 Years After Surgery

Dear Brimme,


I am sorry that this unfortunate change took place while you are on vacation.


Without physical examination, it is hard to give you an accurate diagnosis. Nonetheless, it could be a muscle spasm due to the "heavy lifting" you have done or it could a sign of capsular contraction.


It is important that you self monitor your status if you cannot get to your PS. In case your breast does get worse, then you may need check with a primary care physician. If your status remains stable, then have your PS examine you as soon as your return back home.


Best of luck to you and thank you for your inquiry.

Dr. Sajjadian

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4 years


From what you are describing we are unable to diagnose you. You should be seen by your primary if your PS is not local. It can be a few things, capsular contraction or a muscle spasm from lifting heavy items.

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