Silicone implant rupture? Radiologist won't do MRI w/o mammogram. I refused mammogram. Pain for a week, now zero pain.Concerned?

2 wks ago I had a burning pain in the middle & right side of my chest. Was at work (RN) and felt like I had to hold my breast to ease the pain. The pain lasted for several hours and then localized to my R breast area. As I palpated the area, it felt bruised in a very specific "fenced" area across the top of my breast, into my axilla, down my rib cage, across the bottom where my bra sits and up the right side of sternum.The pain gradually went away in a 6-8 days. Appt w/plastic surg. 4 wks away.

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Questions of a ruptured silicone implant

I am sorry about your difficulty. Most silicone implant ruptures are silent, that is they cause no pain. So this would be an unusual presentation. The biggest question is are you at risk for a silicone rupture. Are your implants the old liquid silicone implants placed prior to 1992/3 or are these the cohesive gel type placed later. If your implants are 20 years old they may be ruptured, if the newer variety this would be less likely. Also mammograms are the the best study, even MRI(with the newer implants) has issues. Depending on the age of the implant and your exam, your plastic surgeon can reccommend a course of action. The most probable explanation is that you tore part of the capsule,giving pain and a little bleeding which has healed

Eric Weiss MD

Orange Park Plastic Surgeon
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Pain with breast implants

Ruptured implants typically do not cause pain, so this would be an unusual presentation for an implant rupture. While an MRI would give you information about the integrity of the implant, it would probably not be a study that would give you the most information. Your radiologist shouldn't be able to refuse you an MRI though, especially since getting an MRI for screening purposes of silicone gel implants is suggested by the FDA. Talk this over with your surgeon at your next appointment.

Wm. Todd Stoeckel, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Breast pain

Sounds like you tore your capsule and this is a self limited problem that usually resolves as yours has. Also, an implant rupturing does not cause pain. If you have gel and the gel escapes additional capsule formation can occur and this can cause discomfort but this process takes months. Best bet is to let your PS examine you.

Lee E. Corbett, MD
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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