Will Silicone Correct Un-evenness Compared to the Ability of Saline to Be Able to Fill to Size? (photo)

Just had my first consult to day and I was told my right is lower than my left. He was strongly suggesting silicone but after some deep thought, I started to wonder if silicone will be able to correct that un-evenness since they come pre-filled..?

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Uneven breasts

Choosing the correct implant whether it is a saline implant or silicone can improve the differences between the breasts. Just do not expect the two breast to look exactly the same. 

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Breast asymmetry

Since silicone gel implants are already filled and come in 25 to 50 gram increments, size asymmetry can not be corrected with the accuracy that a saline filled implant can do.  In most patients it will not be a big deal but in some in can be.  Make sure asymmetry is one of the questions you discuss with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.



Gary Hall,MD

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Yes, silicone can get you a little more symmetrical by using two different sizes. Saline is easier to make you more symmetrical. You will never be 100% symmetrical but at least it won’t be so much that it’s too noticeable.


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Correcting breast asymmetry

An excellent option to correct breast asymmetry is to use an adjustable saline implant

The volume can be adjusted after surgery,so that you have some input as to the final volume

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Silicone vs saline for asymmetry of size.

Great question.  Most silicone implants increase by increments of about 25-30cc's.  In most cases this allows for getting your breasts virtually identical in terms of size.  I would perform your surgery doing whats called a Dual Plane procedure.  That allows for the upper part of your breast to be covered by muscle and the lower part to drop into a pocket that fills out the laxity of skin near the crease.  Just remember your breasts are "sisters" and not "twins".  Good Luck. 

Christian A. Prada, MD, FACS
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Silicone of saline for breast asymmetry

Prefilled or not makes little difference to correct breast asymmetry and you can choose a saline or a silicone gel implant with the confidence that sizes available in both saline and gel will get the job done well. There are very small differences in the skin envelope right to left, so depite equal breast volume, you might still notice some asymmetry after. Don't worry about perfect. Very good is, well, very good.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Silicone will be a much better decision

Hello, It's true that a saline implant can be adjusted down to final one cc but silicone implants come in a variety of sizes as close as 25 ml difference and feel and look much better than saline. If one breast size is say 25-30 ml different than the other a silicone implant can make up for the difference or 5 ml difference. That small difference is not worth choosing saline implants. All the best, Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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It is easier to give a better size match with saline implant.

If your size asymmetry is a concern for you, it will be easier to match with saline than silicone implants.  Saline implants can be filled every 1cc increment, whereas silicone implants come pre-filled with 20-50cc increments.  When you decide which type of implants to go with (saline vs. silicone), also think about what is more important to you, i.e. 1) how implants feel, soft vs. firm, 2) whether you wanting to know right away in case of rupture.  Both the saline and silicone implants are safe.  You should also remember that some degree of asymmetry is normal in women.  Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns: asymmetry, feel, other limitations/risks of implants.  Best wishes.

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
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