New York City Silicone Butt Injections Doctor Recommendations

I had silicone butt injections 5 years ago, and I'm wondering about how they can be removed. Can anyone recommend a plastic surgeon in the New York City area that would have experience with silicone butt injections for me to speak with further?

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Silicone injection complications

Silicone injections can be treated by surgery, injections, lasers, and conservative management. The goal of treatment is to reduce the inflammatory reaction associated with the silicone injectate and also reduce the volume deformity. Speak to a board certified plastic surgeon who is knowledgeable about injections and silicone injections in particular.

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Here is a name

Dr. Norman Schulman who is the Director of Plastic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital has experience with this. He will be glad to see you - that is not a guarantee that he will take care of you -- but he will evaluate you. 212-861-5004

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