Are Silicone Butt Injections Illegal?

i had several butt injections to enhance, lift and reshape my butt 10 years ago. I do believe it was silicone that was used from the descriptions here. i now have hard tumor like balls that have migrated to the sides of my hips. is this dangerous and can they be removed? also were these injections of silicone illegal? Thanks.

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Butt fillers with silicone - complications

Silicone injections have become quite commonplace, especially since volume fillers have become more prevalent. Patients are often in search of permanent fillers that do not have to be replaced, but rarely understand that these fillers come with longterm complications, including inflammation, a rejection reaction, and fibrosis.  Our office specializes in silicone removal for patients who have undergone these fillers in the face and body. We have seen quite a few patients regain their livelihood once the fillers are removed.

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Butt Fill Injections - Silicone, Hydrogel, Valvoline

The law defines what local doctors would do under similar circumstances as the Standard of Professional Practice. For malpractice to occur, a doctor needs to do something that is totally different from what his colleagues would do ( IE deviation from this local standard) AND for that breach to have resulted in an injury.

Since butt injection of NON-FDA approved substances is NOT practiced by most doctors (in most communities in this country) that would constitute a deviation from the standard of care and you sound as if you have a resulting injury. So in theory you may have a malpractice case.

But it would be hard for you to collect anything. The reasons - in most of these cases the injections are done by non-licensed practitioners, who are uninsured in hotel rooms / homes and "pump partis" and it would be hard to convince a jury that you did not really know that your buttocks injections were not really a conventional treatment.

By the way, removal of silicone scars is VERY hard and would leave depressed scars. In effect you will be changing one deformity for another.

If it sounds too good to be true...

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