Can Silicone Breast Shots Make Breasts Dense?

I was 17, and this "doctor" was giving these silicone shots in a hotel and my girlfriends and I went and had the shots done.Since then my mammograms have shown my breasts to be very dense, and they are cystic I'm told. How do I know if they are 'cystic' or otherwise? Is silcone removal in the breast very difficult? What is the the safest option?

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Silicone mastopathy

I am so sorry this was done to you as it has created a huge potential problem.  Removal will require surgery and if you are fortunate that it is all in one area, only that area needs to be removed but this might create some dents and contour problems.  Unfortunately, I have seen several patients in my days at the university who had this done in the Phillipines and needed total mastectomies and reconstruction to get rid of all the silicone that was masking the ability to detect breast cancer.  Please see some real plastic surgeons for an exam and advice.  Good luck.

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Silicone injections to the breast

Whenever silicone is placed in the body the body will react to the silicone and make scar tissue. This happens around breast implants with augmentations around rhinoplasty is where silicone implants are used and joint replacements were silicone is used.

When you inject the free silicone gel it creates a massive scar response. It varies by person as to how bad the response is. It's very difficult to remove the silicone and the only way to do it is to cherry pick different incisions and remove the small droplets of silicone. Most of the time you're also removing the scar tissue.

In your case I think the best thing to do is to be diligent with breast self exam and mammograms. If a lump occurs you should strongly consider it having it removed. To try to take out all the silicone is probably impossible so being hypervigilant about breast self exam is very important for you.

Wendell Perry, MD
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Breast Silicone Injections

As you have read from many of the posts, injection of free silicone into the breast can create a number of problems that can be difficult to treat.  The presence of "cystic" changes on your mammogram may or may not be related to the injected silicone.  If you are not having other symptoms of infection or painful lumps in your breast, you probably do not need to try to remove the silicone, which could be impossible to do without having to remove most or all of your breast.

I would recommend that you seek regular followup with a plastic surgeon so that you can be followed routinely for this potential problem.

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Can Silicone Breast Shots Make Breasts Dense?Answer:

The short answer is yes, those shots can cause a huge problem in the cancer screening of your breasts. The long, sad answer is a 17 year old getting silicone injections in a hotel room. No ethical person would have done this to you and silicone injections are an absolute disaster. Seek out a Certified Plastic Surgeon and see what you may need in the future. And please warn all women that you can to beware...

John J. Corey, MD
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Breast silicone injections

Free silicone injections into the breast should not be done.  Going to someone in a hotel for this should have raised "red flags."

Steven Wallach, MD
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Silicone injection to the Breast

Silicone should not be directly injected into the breast (or the face). After it is, it penetrates into the breast tissue and the only way to remove it is through removal of the breast tissue. I saw a patient with this years ago, and she was having intermittent flares of inflammation and infection, necessitating partial breast removal. If enough tissue is removed, reconstruction would be necessary.

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Can Silicone Breast Shots Make Breasts Dense?

I'm very sorry for you. A very bad judgement choice with very little correction available. Seek some opinions in person but there really is no treatment. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Silicone breast injections are a hazard

Silicone breast injections are very hazardous to the breast as the silicone forms cysts which are impossible to remove short of mastectomy. It can be impossible to find breast lump on examination and the silicone cysts and calcifications can make the mammogram difficult to interpret. What was done to you at age 17 was not only unethical, but a criminal act as well. Your best option is a relationship with a local breast center where they can help you with consistent breast examination and survellience.

Best of luck,

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Silicone Breast Injections

Unfortunately, in your situation, the shots you received will be al life long problem.  Injected silicone is not easily removed.  For patients not familiar with this issue, this patient is talking about silicone injected right into her breasts.  This is completely different than silicone implants and should not be confused as such.  So, for anyone reading this, please do not have silicone injected into any part of your body - especially in a hotel room.



David Shafer, MD
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Free silicone breast injections

First, any physician who performs a procedure on a 17 year old without parental consent could lose his medical license. Since you put "doctor" in parentheses, it is unclear whether you had a procedure at the hands of an unlicensed individual. If so, he could be subject to criminal prosecution. The FDA outlawed the use of silicone injections many years ago for good reason. It is unsafe and can cause serious, long term sequelae including migration of the silicone. You need to see a board certified plastic surgeon as soon as possible. Removal of the silicone is a complicated procedure and will result in loss of breast tissue.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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