Are 300 Cc Silicone Breast Implants Too Big for Me?

Will getting 300 cc high profile mentor silicone breast implants be too big/fake looking on my body? The implants will be under the muscle. I am 5 ft. 1, weight= 95 lbs., ribcage= 27in., and BWD= 11cm. , pre-BA = 32AA/AAA. I am looking to be around a full B.

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Yes!! Too big.


You have no idea how many questions we answer at RealSelf from women who are miserable with their too big breast implants. On your frame, high profile 300 cc implants would barely fit and would look fake for sure. And they would age poorly.

For you, I would guess 200 cc's. But the point is not to guess. In Manhattan, we use disposable implant SIZERS during breast augmentation surgery. With sizers, we see which size looks best (big but natural) before we have to open the permanent implants. So, no guess work.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Almost definitely...

If we assume your breast is really 11cm in diameter...(measured on a straight line with calipers),,, then your ideal implant is 250cc.

If your breast is loose, soft, and empty, the size can be increased.

If your breast is tight, firm, and full, the size then needs to be reduced from there. (which given the fact that you say you are a AA-AAA, is likely the case.)

And at 5'1 and 95lbs, that alone would suggest that 300 is almost certqainly too big.

Unless you want to look fake, you want to be sure that you find a surgeon experienced at objective measurements of your breast so that your implant can be selected with modern "tissue based planning" techniques.


Steven Teitelbaum, MD
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It varies from woman to woman

You are a thin woman and it will take weeks to months before you see your final results. As I have mentioned in other posts on this site, it is helpful, I think especially for you, to place the implants in a sports bra and see what you should expect. The less breast tissue a woman has, the better the estimate is of what you will achieve. Best of luck.

Dr Edwards

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Tough to know without an exam or a photo

 It's always tough to answer this type of question without an exam, but based on the info you are telling us and your goals of being a B cup, a 300 cc sounds a little on the large side.  Discuss your goals carefully with your surgeon and make sure his plan is in line with your goals.

Good luck!

Dr. S

Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS
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