Silicone Breast Implant Removal Without a Lift, Is that Possible?

I want to have my 375cc, under the muscle, silicone breast implants removed. Prior to surgery, I had a good amount of breast tissue (34b/c). Is there a way for the doctor to reshape my natural tissue to create a decent aesthetic result without a lift?

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Breast Implant Removal without Breast Lifting?

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Thank you for the question. It would be easier to give you good advice if you include pictures.

Generally, if you  or your plastic surgeon are in doubt  whether breast lifting will be necessary after removal of breast implants  it will be in your best interest NOT  to undergo breast lifting and to give your tissues the "benefit of the doubt”  allowing the  breast skin to contract back and avoid additional scarring. If the skin contraction is not adequate (and loose skin remains) then mastopexy surgery can be performed at a later date. Please keep in mind that this recommendation is based on general principles,  without the benefit of pictures or physical examination.

Generally speaking what breasts look like after explantation  depends on several factors such as: the quality of skin elasticity (the better the elasticity the better the skin will bounce back),  the size of the implants used (the larger the implant the more trouble you may have with redundant skin), and the amount of breast tissue present at this time (which may have changed since the time of your breast augmentation). 

Life experience since your breast augmentation procedure, such as pregnancy or weight gain weight loss, will  potentially influence the factors discussed above. If you take these factors into consideration and apply them  to your specific circumstances you may get a good idea of what to expect after the implants are removed.

Consulting with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in person will be helpful.

I hope this helps.

Removal of Implants without Lift is Possible

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Yes, I often remove implants without a lift. For younger women, there is often enough elasticity in the skin to retract enough to please the patient.  In any event, it may be wise to wait a year or so before considering the lift.

Robert N. Young, MD, FACS
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 73 reviews

Breast Implant removel

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Sorry, it is impossible to give an opinion on your question without medical quality photos. However i never do a lift at the time of implant removal and most patients are happy with their results without a lift.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 29 reviews

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