Silicon Injection is Permanent?

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Silicone in the Lips

Silicone in the lips is a permanent filler.  There is an expression which is "there is no such thing as a permanent filler just a permanent problem."   Think long and hard about a permanent filler and if it is still something you want go to an experienced injector.

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Silicone injections

Dear saralove,

  1. Silicone is a permanent filler
  2. If you get it done, make sure they have a lot of experience and are reputable
  3. We have seen many botched job from unqualified injectors

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Silicon Injection is Permanent?

Silicon injections are permanent. This is the most important issue to understand. If the injections are done well, fantastic. If not you're left with a permanent problem that is very difficult to remedy. I hope this information is helpful. 


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