I Have Silicon Breast Implant 1 Month Ago but One of my Breast on the Right Side the Implant is Firm and Does Not Move Around?

I have silicon breast implant 1 month ago but one of my breast on the right side the implant is firm and does not move around and starts to ride up on the chest more so on one side than the other. and also it has a bubble. what should I do when my doctor told me that look normal. Is there possible to correct it? do I have the right to request my doctor to correct it?

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Firm breast

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You are still early in the healing process.  It may be that more massage is needed on the right side, as the left may be healing faster.  I would suggest meeting with your surgeon to discuss your concerns.  If you do not agree with his/her opinion, a second opinion is an option for you.  Good luck!

Katy Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implant Concerns after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question. Unfortunately, without direct examination it is not possible to give you precise advice. Given that you are only one month out of your surgery, I would suggest requesting earlier than otherwise scheduled follow-up with your plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns again. Communicate your  questions/concerns in a calm and non accusatory fashion;  the advice you receive based on direct knowledge of your situation and in person examination will be much more valuable to you than online consultants' advice.

If, after continued visits with your plastic surgeon, you continue to have questions/concerns a 2nd opinion in person will be valuable.

Best wishes.

Asymmetric Healing?

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It sounds like this could be as easy as asymmetric healing or it might be an early capsular contracture. I like for my patients to perform massage of the implants as this may sometimes help prevent/correct an early capsular contracture (although there really hasn't been any study to support this).  There is not much downside to doing the massages. It also might help the muscle relax a little and allow the implant to settle better and become more symmetric.  Since you are still early in the healing process, surgery should not really be considered.  Although it's difficult to be patient, many times slight asymmetries work themselves out over a period of a couple of months. Hang in there.

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Silicone Implant Change

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This is often a sign of capsular contracture.  However, at 1 month, it is too early to intervene.  Aggressive massage can be helpful.  There are many things associated with the development of capsular contracture, including, but not limied to: large implant size, hematoma, infection, other medical problems, previous radiation therapy (for breast cancer), and smoking,.  If you smoke, it is extremely important that you stop.  Correction of capsular contracture can be difficult, and usually not attempted this early after an implant is placed.  It is important that you follow-up with your surgeon.

Firmness after BA

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It sounds like you might have an early capsule contracture. You might try Vitamin E and vigorous massage. Some docs will use a medication called Accolate to improve early capsule contracture, but there are risks with this. It is too early to worry about further surgery. 

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