Silcone Implants Sizing for Me with High Profile

Posted question earlier and was gave worng information.I am 300cc in left breast and 350cc right breast with saline implants.I am going to redue with silcone implants and not sure of sizing.When talked to nurse yesterday they will use a high profile silcone implant and she says I can go to 425cc very easy. I am 5ft 120 with 33.5 around rib cage. I want to make sure I go big enough and not sure is 425cc big enough or should I go 450 to 500cc.I dont want to have the look of bimbo.

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High Profile Implants

There are many variables in recommending implant size/type. I base my implant recommendation on patients' body (chest height, chest width, existing breast tissue) as well as their desired look. I usually do not talk about cup size. As you know, cup size varies with brand and styles of bra. I would go for the desired look. Review before and after photos and see what kind of look that you want.
Implants come in different types (silicone, saline), shape (round, anatomic), and profiles and volume. As you increase the profile of implant, you will get a larger implant.
More meaningful recommendation can be made based on direct examination and in-person consultation.
Please visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon.
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Aha! You want to be big but not too big with breast implant augmentation surgery

A plastic surgeon and their skilled experienced assistants can make recommendations based on your anatomy but ulitmately you may have to accept their advice or decide to go larger and deal with the consequences of potentially going too big. This is not a 100%

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Sizing implants

It is very difficult for me to say without an exam what would be best for you.  Going up about 100-150 cc's will probably bump you up a cup size.

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