Signs of a Contracture but Doctors Say NO. Will Massage Really Reverse a Contracture?

Two weeks post op from mastopexy with implants my left breast began to get hard and painful. I went on antibiotics for 21 days. An ultrasound showed no hematoma. I am now two months post op and breast is swollen, harder, and I still have pain.. I have been told I do NOT have a contracture, though I had one previously in my right breast. Told that massage will solve the problem. When can a contracture be determined? Will massage solve the hardness? Can I develop a contracture 2-3weeks post op?

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Three weeks is a bit early to have a contracture, unless the implant was placed in an already present capsule, in which case the likelihood is greater. 

Distinguishing a contracture from other possibilities can be difficult in person, let alone on line without a photo. Consider posting photos if you want useful responses. Thanks and best wishes. 

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3 weeks post surgery it is not possible for you to have a capsular contraction. It takes 6 to 9 months for tissue and muscle to fall into place and for everything to feel normal.

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