Significant Pain with Chin Implant Normal?

I had a chin implant 5 days ago. I realize pain, swelling & bruising are all normal. However, I have had numerous procedures done over the years & never had the level of pain I have w / this chin implant. The swelling is not bad but is as hard as a brick on my chin & around incision. ( under chin). Also, my bottom lip is numb & burns badly. Lastly, I am speaking with a lisp since the surgery! I do see my doc this Tue. My guess is that a nerve was stretched. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Significant Pain with Chin Implant Normal?

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 I have done Chin Augmentation, with Chin IMplants, for over 25 years and that much pain afterwards is unusual.  The weakness of the lip can occur and is transient in all but very rare cases.

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