I Have Significant Pain 60 Days After a Large Lipioma Removal. The Surgical Sight Has Healed Beautifully. What Can It Be From?

A very large lipoma which was under my trapezious muscle removed in January 2012 (6cm) from the top of my shoulder. The doctor performed aspiration about a week later as I subsequently needed draining of the cavity. Since the aspiration, I have been experiencing significant pain throughout the area of the original lipoma that has begun to shoot down my arm. Is there anything medically from the surgery or resulting aspiration that could be causing this pain?

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Pain after surgery

pain after surgery in this area can be from a recurrent seroma, a neuroma formation or from scar tissue impinging on a nerve.


any surgery where a large lipoma is removed there is a small chance of injurying a tiny skin cutaneous nerve which should resolve in time. although on occassion a neuroma forms where the nerve doesnt heal properly.


scar impingement can be relieved by scar u/s massage or ultrsound scar breakdown at a physical therapists office.


if a seroma is present it can be drained again.


hope this helps. most of these aches and pains go away in time.



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