How Significant Will Abdominal Bruising Be After a Smart Lipo Procedure?

Will the bruising only be at the smart lipo tool incision site, or will it be more widespread?

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Bruising Be in my Abdominal Region After a Smart Lipo Procedure?

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Let's for a minute put aside the question of "Is SmartLipo WORTH having?" in your case (as opposed to VASER liposuction, Tummy Tuck etc).

In a SmartLipo procedure a VERY hot laser fiber is passes back and forth through the fat, cooking it, the vessels and the nerves with heat delivered to the overlying skin in an attempt to shrink (or cook) it. The heat burns the blood vessels it touches. As a result, there should NOT be significant bleeding here.

On the other hand - despite being on the market for OVER 5 years there are NO scgientific articles that prooved that SmartLipo is better than ANY other liposuction methods in treating the fat or shrinking skin.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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