Significant activity on vacation 13 weeks after tummy tuck??

I am scheduled for a full tummy tuck with muscle repair 13 weeks before I am to go on a 10 day trip to San Francisco which will require several hours of walking per day. Will I be able to handle being on my feet for so long at 13 weeks post op? Will my energy be back to normal at this point? Will the swelling be too much to handle at this point? I am 34 years old, 150 lbs, and 5'7". I don't want to ruin this whole trip for my family and hold them back the whole time!

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13 weeks should be adequate Tummy Tuck recovery for vacation

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Thank you for your question. Most patients in my experience are adequately recovered after 13 weeks post Tummy Tuck to travel and assume normal activity.

Tummy tuck recovery

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Although everyone is different, most people wiuld be absolutely fine to travel and be energetic 13 weeks post-op

Tummy Tuck: Activity after Surgery-Recovery

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You should have plenty of time to recover and go on your planned trip. Think of the muscle repair as being like a hernia repair or other general surgical procedure with muscle being sutured. This classically requires about six weeks to heal.

After six weeks full activity can be resumed.

Before that time, I recommend to my patients to take it easy and "go slow." Too much activity too early can cause fluid accumulation and delay healing.

Remember - "slow and steady wins the race!"

But you should have plenty of time.

Good luck!

Dr Chris Saunders

Christopher Saunders, MD
Wilmington Plastic Surgeon
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Activity after Tummy Tuck

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In my practice, i use a long lasting anesthetic injected into the muscle repair that is slow released over three days. This reduces the need for narcotics by 50-75%. Most of my patients are back driving a car and running errands at 4-5 days. I allow light aerobic activity at 3 weeks and unrestricted physical activity at 6 weeks. Hope this helps!

Significant activity on vacation 13 weeks after tummy tuck??

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Other than occasional twinges of odd sensations, most patients are otherwise fully recovered by three months. Good luck with your procedure, enjoy San Francisco.

All the best.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Recovery after tummy tuck

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It sounds very feasable to me. My patients are back working full time after 2 weeks. Usually they are working out after 4 weeks. So 13 weeks out you should be feeling, and more importantly looking good

Eric Weiss MD

Eric Weiss, MD, FACS
Orange Park Plastic Surgeon
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If all goes well you should be fine to enjoy your trip. I tell people it takes a month to feal normal and 2 months before they will feel like going full throttle in workouts

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