Browpexy Carried Out Without my Consent

I signed a consent for a blepharoplasty but the surgeon did a browpexy which failed. I'm confused. Now my eyes look exactly like they did before he did the surgery only worse because one eye required a revision since the lid retracted when the eyebrow was raised and the lid did not close properly. I had an oculoplastic reconstructive surgeon do the repair which still is not normal. Does a blepharoplasty consent give the general facial plastic surgeon the permission for a browpexy?

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Browpexy with Blepharoplasty

As the other doctors mentioned, often there can be the need to do additional maneuvers. The browpexy can be a great maneuver to accent and enhance the blepharoplasty, but is usually not powerful enough on its own. I know surgeons who perform this along with a blepharoplasty routinely. I am not sure why you were to have a bleph but didn't? If you only got the browpexy and no bleph, then it doesnt make sense to me. If it was done in conjunction with the bleph and your result is suboptimal, thats another scenario. 


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Surgery consents and misunderstandings. Eyelid Surgery.

This is a difficult issue and would need a review of your permit and a discussion of the general understanding you and you surgeon established.   The brow lift can result in an eyelid improvement in positioning.  Seems like the problem stems from the consultation and pre operative plans you established with your surgeon.  Go and talk to your surgeon and express you concerns and ask  him about the operation.   You can obtain a copy of the permeits signed and the operative note to help you comprehend the plans and thoughts.  In fact get a copy of the surgeons pre operative evaluation records and see what was mentioned.  Plastic Surgeons and all doctors get rrequests for recirds all the time and must comply.  Remember these are your records and reading them may help you understand.  My Best

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Browpexy with Blepharoplasty

Often times, a surgeon's consent form mentions that the surgeon may do additional procedures that he deems appropriate at the time of surgery.  A browpexy can often compliment the results of blepharoplasty surgery.  It may be that the concern you have is not the result of the browpexy.  I think you should discuss your concerns with your original surgeon.

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Good question.


The answer is that often there is language in the consent that specifically gives the surgeon permission to do different or additional work to address circumstances that the surgeon feels need to be addressed at the time of surgery.  I personally feel that browpexy is only marginally helpful and not a substitute for a forehead lift if long term support is needed.  However, other surgeons swear by these procedures.  I should note the rationale for supporting the brow position with a browpexy is not to lift the brow but to prevent it from coming down after upper blepharoplasty.  So if your eyebrows appear to sit at about the same level that were before the eyelid surgery, then it may in fact be that the browpexy is doing its job.  I think the big frustration is that one does not like surprises.  It really is the job of the surgeon to manage expectation, discuss all aspects of surgeon and minimize surprises.  Some surgeons are much better at this than others.  Ultimately if you are not happy with you surgeon, it is reasonable to seek other opinions.  

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