Right Side Breast Lift Developing Sharp Pains in Many Areas of the Breast - What Is This?

Oct 18/10 I had a L limplant put in due to a previous mastectomy. The R side was a breast lift. I have been having sharp pains in the R side the last couple of days. Not sure if I caught a bug, but have had achiness, hot and cold feelings. Could an infection be present somewhere inside the breast. The scars are a bit red, but I think that's normal for 2 mths post op. There isn't any yellowish discharge, but a little tiny section had opened up and I used polysporin and covered it. It since closed

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Post breast lift pain

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It sounds as though all is well.You may have a spitting suture on the right side and as long as there is no fever or no chills you should do fine.It is not uncommon to experience various sensations post lift with tingling,burning etc.

Sharp pains in right sided breast lift

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In many instances sharp pains can be an indication of a normal return to sensation. In other instances it could be indicative of a problem. Meet with your plastic surgeon to conduct an examination.

Breast pain 2 months after lift--possible infection?

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This sounds to me more like normal nerve regeneration than infection, though the tiny incision opening that has subsequently healed over may be a sign of deeper concern.

I would recommend that you return to see your surgeon. If this is an infection, you may need to have the implant removed, the infection eliminated, and your implant replaced. Antibiotics alone rarely work if there is indeed infection around your implant.

Breast pain

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Anytime that have significant breast pain and redness after surgery, you have to rule out infection. You should check with your surgeon.

Sharp Pains after Breast Reconstrive Surgery with Implant

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It is very difficult to answer your question without an examination.

Sharp pains can be due to nerve regeneration after surgery.  Many of the nerves get cut or stretched and the healing process may cause these pains.

However, if you have redness around the incision, only your surgeon can determine if this is normal redness or abnormal redness due to infection.

Please have your surgeon evaluate you if there are any concerns.

Michael A. Jazayeri, MD
Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

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