How do I get my right breast to catch up to my left, or will I be needing a 3rd revision? (Photos)

I'm on surgery number 3 & revision number 2. I love my PS but at this point I I feeling I'm wasting money. My left has rounded out and my right is still high and flat in the bottom. Is there a way to help it round out? Or will this be needing revision #3? Im a little over 1 months post op revision #2. Opinions please! Or surgeon recommendations in the Tucson/Phoenix Az area. Mentor HP 750cc silicone unders

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Ask your surgeon what is best to do to get them even

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as your surgeon has the benefit of knowing what was done at surgery and if there were any problems before your procedure that would complicate your recovery.  If your surgeon anchored the fold with sutures, it will be more challenging to round it out.  Otherwise massage with smooth round implants usually will do the trick.  Best wishes...

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Asymmetry After Breast Implant Revision.

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Hello, and thanks for the question. I am assuming the first picture is before the recent surgery, and shows the left side being rounder and lower at the lower aspect of the breast initially. Currently, the right inframammary fold is still  higher than the left and it looks as if the upper aspect of the right breast is also higher than the left. This is most likely something that will improve with time and massage to the upper aspect of the right breast. Ask your plastic surgeon about massage and displacement exercises for the right side to help it settle lower in the pocket and stretch some of the tissues at the lower aspect of the breast. It is still early in the healing/softening process, so things will still change with time. The only other issue is whether you are experiencing any firmness on the right side. This could indicate an early capsular contracture, which could hold the right implant in a higher position. In these cases, I use massage (as discussed) and Singulair (an allergy medicine not FDA approved for use in capsular contracture) as first line treatments to avoid any additional surgery.

Again, best to discuss with your surgeon.


Wait a little

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This soon after surgery is too early to worry about whether or not another touchup is necessary. In my experience, with that large of an implant, gravity always wins and unless there is early capsular contracture holding the implant away from the bottom, a rounded bottom is usually seen. Ask your plastic surgeon what his or her recommendations are as far as underwire versus sports type bras. Best of luck.

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How do I get my right breast to catch up to my left, or will I be needing a 3rd revision?

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Given that you are only one month out of the revisionary breast surgery, the breasts will likely continue to change over the course of the next several months, depending on exactly what was done during the revisionary surgery. See if your plastic surgeon recommends the use of downward massage AKA as displacement exercises;  use of bands/bandeaus may be helpful as well. Continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon who will be your best resource when it comes to good advice.   Best wishes for an outcome that you will be pleased with long term.

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