Breast Reconstruction Using The SIEA Flap 4Months Post. Opinions On Lift and Placement of Small Implant For Symmetry?

I had an immediate left breast reconstruction using the SIEA flap done 4 months ago. I will be planning for the nipple reconstruction and refinements to be done in the next month or 2. The reconstruction is definitely 'perkier' than my natural non-cancer breast. Since I like the size of the reconstructed breast, I am looking for opinions regarding a lift and placement of a small implant in the natural breast for symmetry.

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Opinions On Lift and Placement of Small Implant For Symmetry

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I am happy to read that you are happy with your recent SIEA flap result.  It is an excellent surgery to restore the breast after mastectomy.  Most likely some type of lift with or without an implant on the other side for symmetry can be done, along with nipple reconstruction on the flap side, to complete your result.  Consultation with your plastic surgeon, who can examine you in person, is the best option for you.

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What procedure for the other breast?

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Thank you for your question. Without physical exam it would be very difficult to answer your question. Since you had a successful SIEA flap, your plastic surgeon would be able to advise you about your right breast options. 

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