Been using minoxidil 5% USP for 1 month recommended by dermatologist. My hair is falling, when will I see results?

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Minoxidil - 6-9 months before deciding on benefit

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 My hair is falling, when will I see results?
Minoxidil should be used 6-9 months to determine whether it's helpful or not. 

Vancouver Dermatologist

Using minoxidil for #hailoss

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After starting to use minoxidil some people experience increase shedding initially. It should stabilize after a couple of months and you should be seeing a slow down of hair loss. We usually recommend to use the product for three months to see any result. 

Michael Meshkin, MD
Newport Beach Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Results from minoxidil

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Depending on the type of hair loss you have, minoxidil may or may not be effective; if it is, you will probably experience some increased shedding (hair fall) before you see any positive results, and this process will probably take several months. Also, if you are a man with typical genetic hair loss, the most effective treatment for your situation would be finasteride (although you could combine this with minoxidil for even better results).

Jonathan Ballon, MD (in memoriam)
Atlanta Hair Restoration Surgeon

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