Sideways Bump Nose to After Rhinoplasty!

10 days after rhinoplasty I was squeezing through a jammed door. I turned my head too early and bent my nose sideways on the door. It hurt but didn't bleed. I'm worried the cartilage has shifted slightly on the tip (the bones seem ok). When I gently poke my nose, it seems a bit more flexible and soft on the side that got bent and from some angles I think it might be a teeny bit uneven but I might be imaging it. If you push cartilage around after 10 days can it move? I'm 3 weeks post op now.

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Yes. At ten days post rhinoplasty your nose is soft and can be manipulated. However, if you do not see a difference leave it alone and consult your surgeon

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Crooked nose post rhinoplasty

I would suggest you see your surgeon and let them evaluate your nose. if something was moved by the injury, I would hope that it is minor and can be adjusted by your surgeon. do not wait, do it this week.

Rick Rosen, MD
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