Is One Side of my Slanted or More Swollen? (photo)

I did an open rhino 8 months ago, it involved using goretex implant for bridge and ear cartilage for tip. It is still swollen as the Plastic Surgeon told me i have very thick skin so it will take me longer for the swelling to go away. My main concern here is whether is my implant slanted or is one side of my nose swelling more? My PS told me it's just one side of my nose has more scar tissue causing it to swell more which i do not know if he is telling the truth, i need some opinions. Thanks!

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Swelling will go away with time, implant position will not

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Thank you for the question and the photos.  If your plastic surgeon still thinks you have swelling and that is the cause of the asymmetry then with time the swelling will go away and the asymmetry should correct itself.  The position of the implant will not usually correct itself with time.

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