One side of my face is noticeably uneven than the other? (photo)

Hi everyone, I don't mean to ask these weird questions, but I just thought I had to ask someone about this, but I've noticed that one side of my face is puffier than the other side, and my smile is also a tiny bit uneven as if it's pushed upwards, and I've also noticed the eye on the other side looks like it's lost volume of the skin around it, and it looks a lot bigger. I like the look of the other side of my face better, with the eye that appears a little smaller. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Uneven Facial Features

Hello Ben, and thanks for your question. Judging from your photo, you look perfectly normal. There are very few people who have perfectly symmetrical faces. We all tend to have one side of our face that we like a bit better than the other.

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​Facial Asymmetry

Facial Asymmetry

Most of the faces have some facial asymmetry, some more than the others. Looking at your photos, the degree of your facial asymmetry is normal. In fact, if you were to analyze close up photos of celebrities that are considered attractive you would notice some asymmetry.

Boris M. Ackerman, MD
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