What Are the Side Effects of Having PRK and RK Procedures in Succession?

Is it advisable to get prk after rk surgery in an effort to correct hyperopia?

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PRK may be an option for RK patients

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Patients who have a history of RK surgery commonly need fine-tuning of their correction over time.  LASIK and PRK are both good options depending on the healing of the RK scars and the experience of your surgeon.  It should be understood that no laser correction is perfect after RK because the cornea tends to fluctuate from morning to night and therefore surgeons try to pick a place in between.


Chicago Ophthalmologist

PRK after RK

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Patients who have had RK in the past often look for further vision correction in the future. These individuals do not make good candidates for LASIK because of the incisions made in the cornea during the RK procedure. If everything else looks good with the cornea, post-RK patients may be good candidates for PRK. See a reputable refractive surgeon to get specific measurements taken of your eyes to see if PRK is the right fit for you.

Thomas E. Clinch, MD
Washington DC Ophthalmologist

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