What Are the Side Effects of PPx Laser?

Hello. I'm considering PPx to reduce facial freckles, is this a permanent solution and will the effects indeed be noticeable straight away?

After researching, it states that PPx patients are LESS likely to suffer side effects, but I can not find ANY related side effects to PPx.

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Any new technology is hard to find a lot of information on and is why we want to wait for at least 6 months to find out what really is happening. Thank you for your question and good luck.

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PPx is a form of IPL and side effects are possible

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PPx is a ligt based therapy similar to IPL--Intense Pulsed Light.

Any light therapy can cause side effects if not used properly.

Results are usually seen after 5-6 weeks and ususlaly multiple treatments are needed.

When you are exposed to the sun, freckles will come back.

If your freckles are true freckles and not sun damage--the pigment goes deep and is unlikely to be completely removed by any light therapy.

If PPx treatments are done at too high a power setting or too agresively, the skin can be burned which can lead to scarring--this is true with any light or laser or IPL therapy.

Complications are caused by the user-not the machine.

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