Side Effects of Lasik?

Had LASIK 1.5mths ago and suffer from doble vision in right eye at night. Gets worse in low light . This problem under normal lighting is also very noticeable when objects are place in front of a darker background. Doctor sees no problem!How could that be?What can I do now?

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Monocular diplopia after LASIK

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You probably have some astigmatism in that eye. You need an AR or MR. You may need an enhancement in that eye. You may have wrinkles in your eye causing that double vision. That's the advantage of LASEK as there's no flap to get wrinkled and cause diplopia

New York Ophthalmologist

Proper Exam

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The symptoms you are describing are not normal side-effects of a successful LASIK surgery.  Since we cannot diagnose the problem without a proper exam, my best advice is to call your doctor

Stephen A. Updegraff, MD, FACS
Saint Petersburg Ophthalmologist

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