Side effects/complications from BA?

BA in July 2013 - 330cc cohesive gel implants under muscle. All went well and recovery was swift. I was mostly pleased with the results but it has been an adjustment getting used to them. In Sept the lymph nodes in my neck inflamed and are still swollen. I have been feeling under the weather, achey tired. I have also started to have anxiety issues, which is totally unlike me. There is nothing that I can put it down to - life is good. Is it possible that these symptoms are related the implants?

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Side effects/complications from BA?

It's highly unlikely that your breast augmentation is the cause of your swollen lymph nodes.  If you are experiencing anxiety and not feeling well, you should really see your primary care physician.  Even if you went and saw your plastic surgeon, I'm sure you would be referred to your PCP.  Don't worry, just go see your doctor and go from there.  ac

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Symptoms from implants

The problems you are having are unlikely to be due to your implants. I would suggest you see your primary care physician for evaluation.

Gregory Sexton, MD
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Swollen neck lymph nodes and breast implants

It is highly unlikely that your swollen neck lymph nodes are related to your implants. I think that you should be seen by your surgeon and your internist to help determine a cause.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Swollen lymph nodes in the neck

As physicians, we know that anything is possible.  That being said, it would be extremely unusual for lymph nodes in the neck to become inflamed and swollen after breast augmentation with silicone or saline implants.  You do need to follow up with your primary care doctor and pursue a diagnosis.  Good luck, I hope you feel well soon.

Michael S. Hopkins, MD
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Lymph nodes.

It is possible, though unlikely that these are related to your implants.

Lymph nodes that have persisted this long demand investigation, probably best started by your primary physician. All the best .

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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