Can Side Bones Be Rasped or Moved Inward?

I was wondering if the side bones (the lowere ones --I think it is the ascending maxilla?) can be "rasped" down or moved inward if they are sticking out to far on ths sides of the bridge of the nose. I have already had lateral osteotomies of the nasal bones up higher, but I feel that,on one side of my nose especially, the ascending maxilla is sticking out too far, is somewhat noticeable and also makes my nose look, overall, wider from the front, which I do not like. thank you for your advice

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Can sides of nasal bones be rasped.

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 Yes, the lower aspect of the nasal bones can be rasped to bring the nose in medially.  There is however, a limit to kow much these bones can be rasped based on their lateral angle of orientation and the bone thickness.  I have done this many times for Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty where it's often performed on only one side (the most deviated side).

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Rasp bones

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Without photos it's hard to say about what is bothering you, but in general bones can be smoothed, moved, raised or lowered to achieve the result.

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Nasal bone repositioning

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It is possible to either rasp or reposition the nasal bones. As far as secondary surgery it depends on the anatomy and what was done initially.

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