Excess Skin Under Eyes After Lower Lid Lift

What would be the best way to shrink up excess skin under the eyes (have large cheek bones) when an undereye lift did nothing?

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Pinch technique for excess skin after lower lid lift

If there is excess skin on the lower lids a simple pinch technique can be performed through a ciliary incision along the lash line and a small amount of skin can be pinched, teased up, excised, removed, and then either sutured or glued with tissue adhesive.

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Lower eyelid wrinkles

Smooth lower eyelid skin is one of the goals of lower eyelid surgey.  It gives the eyes a more youthful healthy appearance. However, it is not uncommon that lower eyelid surgery does not fully correct all the skin wrinkles.  There are additional procedures that can supplement lower eyelid surgery to give the skin a smoother less wrinkled appearance.  A chemical peel or laser resurfacing are 2 such procedures.  

One must be careful not to over tighten the lower eyelid skin during surgery since this can result in the eyelid being pulled away from the globe or worse in a downward direction what is known as an ectropion.  Frequently , the lower eyelid needs to be tighten to prevent this problem from occurring after surgery.  This is known as a canthoplasty or canthopexy.  Your surgeon will determine the need for such a procedure during your initial consultation.

At this point I would consult with your plastic surgeon about what can be done to further improve the appearance of the skin of your lower eyelids.

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Excess skin under eyes

Without examining you or seeing pictures of you, it is hard to say exactly which procedure would give you the best results. There are several options out there that can correct excess skin under your eyes. Your anatomy and situation will determine which procedure is best.

I would find a plastic surgeon that you feel completely comfortable with and specializes in dealing with the eye area. Make sure you look at their before and after work and ask to speak with their patients who have had similar procedures done. This will give you a good idea of what to expect, but keep in mind every patient is different.

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Answering this requires a personal consultation.

There are many options for improving lower eyelid wrinkles.  However, some options are much better in certain circumstances.  The only way to know what is best for you is to have a personal consultation with a very experienced surgeon.  As you already have had a surgery and been disappointed, I recommend that you take your time to find the right surgeon who you are comfortable with very solid credentials before proceeding to have a revisional surgery.  One only gets a few chances to make things right to choose wisely.

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