Falling implant after one revision attempt? (Photos)

Reduction/lift: 12/26/06 Breast aug 720 L/840 R saline unders: 12/28/15 Revision to R breast: 6/20/16 Had a revision to correct my falling R breast because The skin laxed too much allowing the implant to fall lower than the L. My ps removed 4 cm of skin and tacked the breast up with internal sutures. I am now 4.5 wks po And my R is sitting lower again and seems to be falling. Any advice On what can be done from here to prevent this from happening? I want to love my boobs.

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Falling implant after one revision attempt?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after revisionary breast surgery. Your plastic surgeon may have advise regarding supportive garments/bra and/or restriction of activities on the side of the repair.  Unfortunately, if the breast implant continues to displace additional revisionary surgery will likely involve and capsulorraphy and/or additional mastopexy revision.   Sometimes, especially in cases of recurrent implant displacement, use of additional supportive materials such as dermal matrix or biosynthetic mesh may be helpful. Best wishes.

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