Will I Be Able to Show my Body off at All This Summer if I Have my BBL in May?

Im really looking forward to having a great body this summer but Im afraid if I have my BBL in May Ill be recovering all summer! I understand it takes 6 months to truly see your results, but I just want to know if Ill at all be summer ready if I have the procedure done in May??

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Recovery from the BBL

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The results of the BBL are immediate and you will look good in clothes.  Over 6 months the buttocks will soften and lose some volume that is associated with swelling and possibly some graft loss.  The problem with having the procedure in May and trying to look for that summer (I'm assuming 2 piece bathing suit) has more to do with the bruising caused by the procedure, not only in the buttocks, but also in the area from which the fat is removed.  This can last for 2 - 4 weeks.  You also have to deal with the healing of the small incisions that are used to insert the cannulas to remove the fat.  

Hartford Plastic Surgeon

Will I Be Able to Show my Body off at All This Summer if I Have my Brazilian Butt Lift in May?

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While recovery from a Brazilian Butt Lift does NOT take months complete re-acquiring of the softness and bounce of the buttocks may take several months in some. If showing your BBL is on the absolute top of your must list, I would have the BBL as early as February.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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