Do the Results from a BBL Dissolve After a Few Years? Am I a Good Candidate? (photo)

does a brazilian butt disolves after a few years,do u think im a right candidate as im going for bbl in 2wks

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Fat injection does not dissolve after a few years

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You are very good candidate for this procedure. Brazilian buttock lift or autologous fat transfer (fat injection) is a procedure were fat is removed from elsewhere in the body and injected in the buttock region providing uplift and enlargement in this area.  Approximately 60% of injected fat with live permanently.  The remaining 40% will be absorbed in the initial two to 3 months after surgery.  After that period of time the remainder as every indication of permanence.

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Brazilian butt lift long term results

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The Brazilian but augmentation is a procedure in which your own fat is used to sculpt the buttocks. It is a procedure that depends mainly on the techniques and experience of the surgeon. The results of the Brazilian but lift are permanent if performed correctly. Remember: Your own fat is used and will not be rejected by your buttocks. The most important thing is for you to choose an experienced surgeon that performs this procedure routinely. If not, you will lose your time, money and results within a few months.

Brazilian Butt Lift

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The Brazilian Butt Lift is more a body sculpting procedure than just adding fat to the buttocks.

This will involve the removal of excess fat around the buttocks and the lower back and the abdomen, then adding the fat to the buttocks.

Once the fat "takes" it will stay. The body sculpting will and can be naintained for a long time with good diet and excecise and maintaining your body weight.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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