Electrolysis Causing Metallic Taste in my Mouth?

I have been undergoing electrolysis treatment for a couple of months on my cheek area and have not had any side effects from it until recently. Normally, I have the treatment once every two weeks. My last treatment was over two weeks ago and since then, I have had a metallic taste in my mouth which does not appear to be going away. Usually when I have treatment, this taste only lasts for a day.

I have read somwhere that if you have metal fillings in your teeth then that can be the cause of it (which I do have). However, due to the taste in mouth, I am reluctant to have any more treatments right at the moment. I did not know who else to ask for advice and I thought that this would be the best place to ask. My beautician says that the taste should go away, however I feel that this isn't a good advice, especially since it has been a couple of weeks. Should I stop getting electrolysis treatments?

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