Should I Insist on a Lower Price for Lifestyle Lift?

I recently had a consultation for Lifestyle Lift, and was very happy with all the info I received, except for the price quoted for me for the procedure. I actually am having very little done to my face as I am still young and don't need much. But still, I was quoted the amount $4400, which was the same price a friend of mine paid; she had quite a bit more work done than I am having. Should I ask for another consultation and insist on a lower price?

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Consider not having an LSL

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The Lifestyle Lift is a minilift with minimal undermining but with all the incisions of a real facelift. There are many posts on this forum showing a high dissatisfaction rate with the procedure. You may be better off saving up for a real facelift with a board certified plastic surgeon when you actually have more aging, rather than incur the scarring and problems listed in the blogs and expert opinions on this website.

When you look at the satisfaction rates from facelifts vs. Lifestyle lifts, facelift patients are much happier. If you parse out these results even further and remove the patients who have had "budget" facelifts from the facelift group, the satisfaction rate would be even higher.

The skill level for performing a minilift in a younger patient with less visible aging can higher than than for a facelift alone.

Many of the same steps are involved as with a real facelift-- these steps are not performed during an LSL, but the tolerance for scarring and distortion is less, and therefore the necessary skill level higher.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Lifestyle a bit out of style

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I agree with Dr. Rand regarding the lifestyle lift. The lifestyle lift has a myriad of problems and long term patient satisfaction issues and has been a technique that some has been successful because of the heavy marketing and the ability of a variety of providers (non-plastic surgeons and non-ENT facial plastic surgeons) to do the procedure.

That being said, assuming you've done the research and have decided that this is really what you want and have found an excellent practitioner with a good track record, it can be hard to assume that because your friend looked like "she had quite a bit more work done than I am having" that this would result in a lower price by most qualified doctors. Now, if your friend had additional procedures then certainly.

The best idea (again assuming that you really want to go forward with the lifestyle lift) is to have an honest conversation with your doctor about how you feel about the price. Communication is the cornerstone of a good patient / physician relationship and if it is not there problems usually aren't far behind. I hope this helps.

Steven Williams, MD

Verify the Surgeon's credentials, talk to former patients

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Lifestyle lifts have not received great reviews by many people having the procedure. My recommendation is to either wait and not have any procedure done at this time, or seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can sit down with you and offer you the procedure or procedures that you may benefit from, even if that means no surgery at this time.

Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Personally I wouldn't recommend a Lifestyle lift in the first place

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Regardless of the price, I wouldn't recommend a Lifestyle lift. Just read ALL the reviews of unhappy patients who have been deceived by this "marketed" mini lift. Properly done facelifts by genuine plastic surgeons have among the highest satisfaction rating (79%) when compared to the dismal 40% satisfaction rating for the Lifestyle lift (see column to the right!).

Also, while it is certainly your right to negotiate for prices, I wouldn't advise you do this too much. Decide on the best doctor for you and pay their going rate to receive their top service.

You maybe happy with the info, you may not be happy with the result: Don't get "Shamwowed"

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I am happy that this patient has raised a point about one of the strengths of Lifestyle Lift: the marketing and sales pitch.

I would like to remind this patient of one basic concept: if performance of a unique, revolutinary procedure was feasible "in about an hour", don't you think every Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and every Board Certified Plstic surgeon would be doing it?

I would certainly prefer if I was able to get the same results in 1 hour as I do in 3-4 hours ( typical for my facelift procedures). However, it just isn't technically possible to perform the necessary steps for a facelift and get good results in this time frame.

Secondly, I would like to ask anybody to do a PubMed search on the founder of Lifestyle Lift (David M Kent DO) and look at what his contribution to the literature on facelift has been. I couldn't find anything. The point is that Lifestyle Lift is not a revolutionary procedure, because there is no published surgical breakthrough to the technique. Lifestyle Lift is a marketing company, and a very good marketing company; the equivalent of a Hair Club for Men. The results I have personally seen and those comments/ photos posted on the internet are not results I would want representing my work.

Don't get "Shamwowed"!

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Probably not have the operation

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Lifestyle lift is a marketing tool for patients to do a modified facelift that often doesn't work for most patients.  I would check the credentials ofthe doctor to make sure that they are board ceritified in ENT or Plastic Surgery.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Too Late: Lifestyle Lift is Bankrupt

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Too Late: Lifestyle Lift is Bankrupt
The Quick answer is that the Lifestyle Lift company has declared bankruptcy and out of business - i.e. It is not available anymore:

Lifestyle Lift a trademarked brand name and also is a chain of facial cosmetic clinics with headquarters in Troy, Michigan.
As advertised, the LIFESTYLE LIFT is a minimally invasive, short scar lower face lift performed under local anesthesia and yes it involves cutting and sutures. The reason no one will tell you is probably because as far as I can tell there is no one specific technique, or even a published description of why this differs from other short scar techniques. It is performed by Facial Plastic Surgeons, Head and Neck Surgeons, and Plastic Surgeons.

The LiteLift® however is a great alternative and has been around for a similar time period, and only performed by board certified plastic surgeons. It is a short scar modified facelift offering in office local anesthesia and oral sedation as well as other methods of anesthesia.See the below link for more information

What should I pay for a Lifestyle Lift?

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If you are young with minimal stigma of aging I would avoid doing any type of surgery. Often times, patients who have very little signs of aging will go forward with surgery and get minimal improvement creating a sense of disappointment, even if the procedure was techniquely perfect.

I would wait until you show more signs of aging before going forward with surgery. I would advise that you do multiple consultations with qualified and experienced board certified surgeons. You won't regret it. Good Luck!

Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

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