Should I Have to Pay for Lifestyle Lift Revision if I'm Not Satisfied?

I got the Lifestyle Lift and it took care of the neck and the jowls. MY PS does also other proceedings than just the LSL. However, my mid face looks just as old as before. The ladies working at the LSL center told me that the LSL takes also pretty good care of sagging skin in the mid area, e.g. frown lines. It seems to me as if my doc didn't pull any muscle or skin to smoothen my mid face section. I got lots of stitches around the ears but the skin or the muscle is not pulled back from the mid section. I don't understand this. I have my last appointment on Wednesday. I am very unhappy with my mid face area, like before the surgery. What would you do? And do you think the PS should charge me then extra?

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Secondary LifeStyle Lift depends on your arrangement with your doctor

The LSL is usually a weak procedure for the midface. It does nothing in my opinion to permanently redistribute the deeper tissues that have sagged. It does nothing for the area below the eyes.

Depending on what arrangement you had with your doctor initially, he may or may not do additional surgery to help with your problem.

The lower eyelid / midfacial junction area is usually separate from the facelift, and is accomplished through an incision below the eye, in the mouth, or in the temple, whichever procedure is selected.

If you are that unhappy with your LSL, are you sure you want the same surgeon to perform a midface lift on you, when a midface lift is technically a much more demanding operation than an LSL?

Consultations with several board certified plastic surgeons with special interest in the midface may help you to sort out these answers.

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If both the surgeon and the patient are dissatisfied...

If both the surgeon and the patient are dissatisfied with the results, it is customary for the surgeon to revise his own work without charge.

Fees, such as operating room expense or anesthesia expense related to the revision surgery, are the patient’s financial responsibility.

William Portuese, MD
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Unhappy Lifestyle Lift

A Plastic Surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, will give consideration to safety first, followed by the end result. It is important to discuss your concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon so that he/she may be able to address your concerns.

Many Plastic Surgeons have guidelines, in writing, outlining their approach to surgery and the potential need for revision, you should review this material. Ultimately, it depends on what the surgeon was trying to treat, as there are many different types of facelift procedures and different areas of focus.

If your surgeon was not treating the midface, then you may need a different procedure and have to pay for it.

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Unsatisfied after lifestyle lift

Most surgeons will wave the surgeons fee for a revision facelift if they agree that the results aren't optimal and the request for revision is within a reasonable period of time from the procedure. The anesthesia and surgery center fees are usually the patient's responsibility.

The lifestyle lift is generally not effective at addressing aging in the midface. The mid face region usually requires a combination of lifting and volume replacement. I would visit with an experienced and qualified surgeon who can give you more tailored options for your specific aging issues. Good Luck!

Todd C. Miller, MD
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