Should I Ask Technicians About Their Training on Accent XL Device?

What kind of credential should my technician have to use the Accent XL device?

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Absolutely yes

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Accent XL is a medical device, and so must be used under medical supervision. However, the laws defining what this supervision is vary from state to state, and sometimes the technician operating the device has little or no medical training and the supervising physician may not be thoroughly experienced in doing cosmetic procedures either. There is no guarantee of qualifications just because it is in a doctor's office, and some of the stand-alone clinics that offer it practice at a very high standard. Wherever the procedure is performed, I belive it should be done by a medical professional such as a nurse, and you should not be afraid to ask about their qualifications and the supervising physician.

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Stay Away From Technicians Trained in Gas Stations

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Hi Tracey,

Accent XL is great cellulite and fat sculpting technology, but as with most cosmetic procedures is practioner dependent. Make sure that your nurse or technician has been properly trained.

With the recent influx of non-cosmetically trained investors into the cosmetic field, we are seeing more untrained or poorly trained personnel performing procedures. This results in poor patient outcomes and experiences, and also gives the technology a bad reputation.

Seek out practices with cosmetically trained physicians, stay away from those whose owners also run the gas station down the block. Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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