Shoud my Silicone Implants Be Hard?

Hi I had my brests removed and they put in silicone implants and the are dead hard and uncomfortable, they got put in on 01/04/11 I don't know how they should feel. Thanks kay

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Hard Breast Implant following Breast Reconstruction

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From your question it seems that you had mastectomies and then breast reconstruction with silicone gel breast implants which are now hard.

This may be due to a scar capsule contracture around the breast implants

The treatments for this problem include: 

  • exchanging of these breast implants for new ones that are placed in a new breast pocket,exchange of the breast implants and release of the scar capsules with or without use of AlloDerm
  • removal of the implants and reconstruction of the breast with your own skin and fat tissues such as a TRAM flap, or with a DIEP flap.  These alternatives provide a warm, soft, natural breast made from your own tissues without any implants.  Therefore, there are no implant scar capsules, no problems of ruptured or displaced implants and no need for later replacement of breast implants.

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Silicone implants

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I need to have more of the details before really commenting. I can only comment generically.  If you had mastectomies and the skin was tight, the implants may be tight if the skin was not expanded enough or the implants are too large.  An exam is key.  There also may be a capsular contracture.

Softness of breast implants

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If you had your breasts 'removed' (mastectomy?) and a reconstruction performed using silicone breast implants, there are several reasons why your breasts may feel hard. The space into which the implant was placed was too small or the implant was too big for it. You may have developed capsular contracture. You may have tight tissue from previous surgeries or radiation therapy. Sincerely,

Hard Implants?

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Thank you for the question.

No your implants ( whether saline or silicone) should not be “hard and  uncomfortable”. Of course, physical examination be necessary to make accurate diagnosis but it is very likely that you are dealing with encapsulation of the breast implants.

Encapsulation refers to  abnormal thickening  of the breast implant capsule (also  referred to as capsular  contraction)  that can cause hardening of the breasts, displacement of the breast implants, and significant discomfort/pain.

It would behoove you to be examined in person by a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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