Shortness of Breath and Wind Knocked out of Me During Sleep After Tummy Tuck. Why?

I went into a Tummy Tuck with a dry cough.The cold had been complete mucus/phlem expulsion & severe cough 3 weeks prior.When I first had my tummy tuck I had to constantly cough but the thought of pain & alot of water suppressed such.I was very short of breath for the first few days,then on day 5 I had severe shortness of breath which was relieved when I let the bandage out a bit.Now for the past 2 nights I have been waking up abruptly because I'm suffocating-which really scares me.Why could this happen?

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Shortness of breath after tummy tuck

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Shortness of breath requires immediate contact with your surgeon or a health care professional. Do not delay in speaking with medical personnel. This could be atelectasis, pneumonia or a DVT with PE. In any case, you should be evaluated.

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