Is Shortening the Eyelid Tissue Enough to Repair Mild Ptosis? (photo)

I had both double eyelid surgery and ptosis repair procedure 11 days ago. Ptosis in the right eye was diagnosed to be 7mm, but still retained a good levator function (difference just 1mm, he said). My oculoplasty surgeon decided to leave the levator muscle alone, and shorten the eyelid tissue. However, it has been 11 days post-op, I am afraid that shortening the eyelid isn't enough to solve it. I am also confused why my right eyelid is looking more open when in upward glance.

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11 days is a very short time.

As asymmetric as your eyelids appear, patience is strongly advised because your eyelids are profoundly swollen and this affects the appearance to a profound degree.  I recommend waiting a minimum of 4 months before passing judgement on the surgery you just had.

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