Is This Too Short Gap Between Treatments?

I did my last treatment(2nd) with lightsheer duet and the technician missed some spots. It is very noticeable. Hairs started growing normally between the "cubes" on my entire back and shoulders. When I called the clinic they just scheduled my treatment instead of 8 weeks apart just 6 weeks apart and at the "cubes" where the laser worked didn't grow long full hairs yet, and some don't have at all. Should I postpone my treatment? Is there a "hair length" based timing for treatments?

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Lumenis Lightsheer, Time Between Treatments

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Hi DD.  6-8 treatments between laser hair removal treatments is the period we use.  This will give your body time to "grow" hairs that were in the resting phase at your first treatment.

Regarding the pattern.  Although we would like to cover every square millimeter of the area with each treatment, in many cases it is not practical.  Double passing (going over the same area twice) to ensure that all areas are covered risks creating blisters.  This is part of the reason there may be some gaps between the areas.  If the gaps between the treated areas are too large (more than a few millimeters) then it's worth a conversation with your practitioner.  Good luck.

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