Can I Shift my Girlfriends Breasts by Having Sex with Her?

My girlfriend feels that when we have intercourse i am shifting her boobs out and now feels that they are slowly leaking. Is it possible that me putting my chest on top of her chest during sex could do this?

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Can sex move/shift Breast implants?

Generally speaking no, trauma to the chest wall can certainly rupture implants or move their position, but it would take a lot of force, such as a car accident, to cause this. If she is within the first 6 weeks after her breast augmentation I would not exert any pressure on her breasts beyond what was ok'd by her surgeon.

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Sex and implants

No, sexual activity will not result in the implants moving or leaking.  If your girlfriend has recently undergone an augment, then it might be best to be sensitive to her concerns during the healing process.

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Damage to Breast Implants During Sexual Activity?

Generally speaking, the average forces generated during sexual activity will not likely cause damage, shifting, or leakage of breast implants. If she has had the procedure done recently, it may be a good idea not to exert too much pressure on the breast implants to the sides of the chest wall.

Of course, always best to acknowledge your significant other's concerns....

Best wishes.

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