How drastically will a lift reduce my cup size? Should implants accompany my lift? (Photo)

I have seen two surgeons. One says my size is fine and one says that if I like my size the way it is I should consider implants. I do like my size now although if I was just a little smaller I'd be okay with it. If I was going to lose a lot of size I would not be okay with just the lift. I will be getting a tummy tuck as well so maybe the flatter tummy will compensate for lost size? I don't want huge breasts. Is lipo at the sides of breast needed with lift?

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Add implants or not?

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Hello and thanks for your photosA breast lift will significantly improve breast shape, and often it's helpful to do lipo on the sides in order to get the best shape. Usually breasts will look a bit smaller with lift alone, even though tissue is not removed. In our practice, we rearrange breast tissue so that some of the sagging lower tissue is moved up to the central part of the breast. The upper pole of the breast isn't improved much with lift alone- you could expect to have a sloping upper pole if you decide not to have the implant, but it's likely that your breast shape would be improved overall.
If you add an implant, you may get a couple more cm of upper pole fullness (ie the top edge of the breast will look like it starts up a bit higher).
If you're on the fence, you could consider having the lift alone. If after healing from that, you feel you want more roundness/fullness, you could add an implant later.
I hope that helps-Best wishes-

How drastically will a lift reduce my cup size? Should implants accompany my lift?

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Thank you for your pictures and questions. You will likely get several answers to this question. In my opinion, the goal of a lift is not to change the overall size of the breast but to change the position and shape. In removing excess skin, the size does decrease some, but if you are ok with being slightly smaller, then I think you will be pleased with the outcome. In addition, if after the lift, you want more volume, it would be very easy to size you for an implant to get to the volume you want and place it in a delayed fashion. This two-step approach is also safer and carries less risk of complications than doing both at the same time. And if you are happy with your outcome after the lift, then you may be able to avoid the implant all together.
Hope this helps!

Breast lift with or without implants?

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Thank you for your photos and question.  I think no matter which direction you take the improvement in your breast will be very rewarding for you.  Removal of extra skin and repositioning of your areolar and nipples should not reduce your volume noticeably.  The reason for consideration of breast implants is the fact that even though skin is tightened during a breast lift that same skin relaxes over time and one loses projection and upper pole fullness.  At the expense of making you somewhat to modestly larger an implant will maintain that fullness and projection.  Obviously there are limits to the longevity of implants and risks involved as well as expenses so it becomes an individual patient' s decision based on their discussion with their board-certified plastic surgeon.
Good luck and best wishes to you.  Be sure to review many before and after photographs of similar patients so you have a better understanding of what realistic expectations include.
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How drastically will a lift reduce my cup size?

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In a breast lift (as opposed to a breast reduction) breast tissue is usually not removed. All that is removed is excess skin. The breast should remain essentially the same size, just lifted into a better position with a smaller areola also lifted into a better position. There are two reasons to add implants in addition to a lift...first, if a patient wants larger breasts, and second, if a patient wants some increase in upper pole fullness. However, if a patient does not want to increase their breast size, then accepting the potential issues with implants simply for some upper pole fullness may not be worth it to them. In your case, I would recommend a breast lift without implants, and you may benefit from some lateral breast liposuction as you mentioned.

Your goals

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Based on your goals, I would still use a breast implants with your breast lift surgery.  You will be smaller after a breast lift because you have more of your breast tissue in the lower outer part of your breasts.  This will most likely be discarded.  Breast implants will give you a better breast shape and fullness at the top.Best WishesNana Mizuguchi, MD

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Breast lift

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From your photos, you seem to have a fair amount of breast tissue already. You should be able to get a very nice result with just a breast lift. If you'd like to increase your breast size you could do so easily at the same time with an implant. Be sure to express your goals and expectations with your chosen surgeon. Good luck! 

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Breast reduction and lift combination surgery #plasticsurgery

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You would likely benefit from a breast reduction - this procedure will reduce the saggy appearance of your breasts and obviously will reduce the size. An implant is not going to achieve either of these end points, and I would avoid an implant in your case.

Mastopexies do reduce cup size slightly

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but not drastically.  And fat grafting can help with modest increases in size so perhaps hold off on the tummy procedure until you're healed from the mastopexy because fat will be removed when you have your tummy tuck.  If you don't want to be larger, you do not need an implant.

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