6 week post breast reduction. (photo)

I had my breast reduction 6 weeks ago and i notice the round part around my nipple is larger then the other breast is this normal? After the swelling will both breasts looks the same. I am worried

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6 week post breast reduction.

You are still early in your recovery and #healing phase. The tissue will take some time to even out and settle. The area around the right #nipple (areola) does appear to be slightly larger as well as being lower on the breast. It is quite likely, that your surgeon will suggest a small revision if things do not improve.  To ensure that yours #breasts are healing properly you should follow ALL of your #post-op instructions and attend follow-up appointments for several months after surgery. If you are concerned with the results, please contact the surgeon that performed your #breast reduction surgery. Good luck and thank you for your question.

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