Will regular upper eyelid surgery help my right eye that may be Ptosis or chronic eyeball swelling? (Photos)

My right eye and brow droop lower than my left. The right outer eyelid skin droops more than the left. I wish the droops could be fixed by a temporal brow lift.

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I encourage you to see an oculofacial surgeon for a personal assessment.

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In studying the photos, I wonder if the right eye has become more prominent than the left eye.  I think it would be reasonable to have the orbits imaged to determine the basis for this orbital asymmetry before addressing your cosmetic concerns.

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Eye asymmetry

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It appears from the limited view in the photos that there is some asymmetry of the orbital areas that could be just the shape of the bony orbit and surrounding soft tissue. An in-person exam would be the first step, but if there are no concerning findings, a discussion regarding the options of brow lifting, temporal lifting, and eyelid surgery (or some combination of these) would be fitting.

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Improvement of facial asymmetry

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Your photos show moderate facial asymmetry, which is quite common.  Browlift and eyelid surgery can help with this.  It also appears that there is some laxity of the right lower lid which could be improved with a lid tightening procedure.

Mark Beaty, MD
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
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