What breast implant offers cleavage?

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Implants and cleavage

Breast implants do not create cleavage by themselves. If you are interested in more cleavage you may benefit from a fat transfer to the inner portion of the chest. Consult your plastic surgeon and see if you can have this performed at the same time as your breast augmentation.

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Implants do NOT create cleavage!

Implants add volume to breasts, and properly-chosen implant profile (and size) will give the best cleavage a woman's anatomy will allow. However, a woman's anatomy does not always cooperate with ANY specific implant to "automatically" create cleavage--that requires a good push-up bra (and having adequate breast volume to be pushed-up).

It is often (incorrectly) said that high(er) profile implants give the best cleavage. Actually, for a chosen size, high profile implants have the narrowest diameter (and this includes vertical height, so hold that thought also), so when two narrow implants are centered under the nipples, there is more gap than the same size moderate profile implants will show. Plus, because they are shorter in vertical height, there will be LESS upper pole fullness. And you hear all the time that HP implants give "more" upper pole fullness. (They do, until they drop, but more projection only sticks out a bit more, and the width never changes.)

What this means is that once size is decided upon, choose the widest profile that fits your specific anatomy--THIS will give not only the best-possible cleavage, but also the most upper pole fullness! (Of course, if you are very petite with a narrow breast base who chooses large implants, you may require high(er) profile implants, but avoid HP unless you fit the above scenario).

What you really need is an experienced, ABPS-certified, ASAPS-member plastic surgeon who does lots of breast surgery and has both the skill and expertise to explain all of this to your satisfaction. You may want to read my Comprehensive Guide to Breast Augmentation by clicking on the web reference link below. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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What breast implant offers cleavage?

In general, the amount of cleavage after a breast augmentation is dependent on your anatomy.  If your breasts are widely separated before surgery, it does not matter what type of implants are placed as you will still have separation between the breasts.  Make sure you have an in person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to have a discussion regarding your potential outcome after a breast augmentation.

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What breast implant offers cleavage

Thank you for your  question.  Cleavage is most determined by the anatomy.  A wider diameter implant will help and limited lateral dissection will also help create more cleavage.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Best Wishes.  

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What breast implant offers cleavage?

Thank you for your question.  Besides having larger round implants, this is largely based on anatomy and surgical technique with limited dissection laterally to keep the implants towards the midline.  Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck!

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Cleavage and breast implants (breast augmentation)

I tell my patients that cleavage is usually created with a bra.  Most women that undergo breast augmentation are fairly small breasted and their breast tissue cannot reach across to create cleavage. In addition, the implants are typically placed under the muscle and this prevents the implants from moving too close to each other in the midline of the body. If you look at someone's preop photos and the space between the breasts looks wide, then this gives an indication of the location of the underlying muscle.  If it looks wide before surgery then it will probably be wide after surgery and the patient will not have cleavage.

Great question and best of luck to you.

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Cleavage from breast augmentation

Thanks for your question.  This is determined more from your anatomy than from implants.  It depends on how wide set your breasts are to begin with and on many other factors.  This is definitely something to be discussed during your consultation with your board certified plastic surgeon. Best of luck.

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What breast implant offers cleavage

If cleavage is something you desire, then an implant above the muscle is the better choice but an implant in that location has a higher chance of capsular contracture than one below the muscle. An implant below the muscle will not allow as much implant medially so therefore less cleavage

Julio Garcia, MD
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What breast implant offers cleavage?

Cleavage to a large part is determined by the thickness of the fat layer under the skin as well as thickness and location of breast tissue. Implants can help to some degree but cleavage from implants is very dependent on your anatomy. 

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Breast Implants and cleagage

Breast cleavage is a result of several factors.  Breast width and distance between the breast are physical characteristics you are born with.  Breast augmentation offers the chance to modify (narrow the gap) between your breasts.  Implant type and volume as well as the pocket where the implant is placed offer variables that can be optimized to produce more cleavage than you have naturally.  A comprehensive discussion with the plastic surgeon chosen to perform your surgery is essential to maximize the improvement in cleavage after surgery.

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