Upper eyelid revision surgery. Post 1 mo I am very prone to hypertrophic scarring. The stitches were supposed to be dissolvable

Called surgeon three times , I felt the stitches were in too long /causing scars . 3 times , surgeon dismissed me. I was assured stitches would dissolve . 16 days after surgery , I cut them out myself , One side is higher than the other /there are train track looking scars , brown - purple eyelid discoloration ,raised hard visible scars that hurt to touch . How much healing can I expect ? With who/ when / how should I seek a revision ? I am using sunscreen , bio oil , and scar pads .

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Eyelid scarring

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16 days is a long time for sutures to remain in the upper eyelid area.  Your description of your scarring does not sound good. I would recommend going back to your surgeon so they can evaluate your condition in person or seek another surgeon closer to you since treatment will involve repeat visits.  Best to that earlier than later.

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It is much too early to have revisional surgery.

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I posted to one of your questions before.  You are right and your surgeon is misinformed about "absorbable" sutures.  These materials take far too long to break down on their own and must be removed a week after surgery.  The scar pad and gels are not effective.  Mostly what you need it time to heal.  It is not unreasonable to seek a second opinion regarding the eyelids for reassurance and guidance regarding long term healing if your relationship with your surgeon has broken down.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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