Shall I Go for Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am now 6 month post operation, this is my second rhinoplasty and I my nose still look the same- long and prominent. there is small residual bony hump too. My doctor doesn't want to perform the revision. The other surgeon suggest : 1.osteotomy 2.tipplasty with shortening and de-projection 3.dorsal Please advice if it is necessary to perform all listed steps and how long shell I wait before perform the revision rhinoplasty?

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Revision needed

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I see quite a few patients referred in for revision rhinoplasty and ask them to wait until a year has passed from their first surgery.  I believe that revision rhinoplasties are often more invovled then primary surgeries especially when significant issues exist such as projection and tip issues.  These are related to the underlying foundation of the nose.  So with that said, many require osteotomies, grafting, tip work.  If you were to come and see me - I would imagine we would come up with a similar plan.

When to have revision rhinoplasty

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You're too early after your most recent surgery to consider having a third rhinoplasty. I would recommend waiting at least 1 year after surgery before looking to have a revision procedure.


Need for Revision Rhinoplasty

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It would be best for you to wait another 4-6 months before doing more revision surgery. You don't "need" a revision but you and your surgeon will decide what changes you want to make. Be clear on your goals and expectations.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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